eusa-aboutHi! My name is Richard Hoddler and I would like to welcome you to EUSA Education.

I’ve always been a firm believer that education doesn’t begin and end at educational institutions. It actually is an on-going process even after we stopped any form of formal education since learning and education often go hand in hand.

If you ever heard the saying, “you learn something new every single day” then you know what I’m referring to. It might be something as simple as learning how to efficiently mow the lawn or how to use the latest smartphone; but if you really think about it, you are actually getting educated in the process.

At EUSA Education, I will be covering a wide array of topics that can help widen your knowledge base. History, geology, religion, culture, science, and sports are just some of the topics you’ll read about.

Hopefully, by reading EUSA Education, which will be presented in a brief and concise format to provide you with a general idea, you would get inspired enough to create a spark for an idea or to jumpstart your creativity.

Is there a particular topic that you want featured in my blog? Send me an email and I’ll be happy to do all that I can to grant your request.