Geology – A Career Worthy of Consideration


We all know that geology is the study of the Earth’s materials, the structure of the materials, and processes acting upon these materials. We also know that a person studying these geological processes are called geologists, but have you ever considered a career as a geologist?

There are a number of colleges and universities worldwide that offer a degree in geology. You can obtain information from the internet or better yet, contact the college or university you are interested in enrolling to see if they do offer geology as part of their curriculum.

Training and Education

A 4-year college degree in geology is required as the minimum training ground. The preparatory courses include math, writing, science, computers, communication, and geography.

For entry level employment, a bachelor’s degree would suffice; however, earning a higher level of training with a specialized field of study such as volcanology, mineralogy, paleontology, or hydrology is highly recommended.

Employment Opportunities

As I’ve already mentioned, you only need a bachelor’s degree to gain entry level employment status. If you are looking to advance yourself into a higher position such as supervisor, researcher, or even a college or university teacher, you would need to earn either a master’s or doctorate degree.

The opportunity for employment is quite good for geology degree holders particularly if you have good grades and great academic background. The willingness to move to another location where work is available is always a plus.

Future Outlook for Employment

The wide scope of specialization for geologists gives them a wide employment opportunity in the future. The industry has even predicted that the number of available jobs for geologists would soon exceed the number of geology graduates.

With a salary ranging from about $60,000 to $100,000 or more per year, isn’t geology a great career to consider?

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