2018 Top 5 Blogs on American History


America’s history has always been filled with a kaleidoscope of events that helped shape what the country is now. With more than a hundred blogs about American history, it could be a bit difficult to sort out the best ones to bookmark on your browser.

Here are my top 5 choices in no particular order:

National Museum of American History


Created and maintained by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. The blog covers about 19 categories including business history, food history, and Latino history and culture to name a few.


Created and maintained by World History Group. It features photo galleries and more than 5,000 articles that were originally published in their 9 history magazines. With more than 80 posts per week, history enthusiasts will definitely have their fill on a daily basis.

Teaching American History


Created and maintained by the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University. The blog is unique in that it focuses more on providing resources for teachers of American history. It has 50 core documents about American History that are categorized by time period.

Process: A Blog for American History


A combined effort blog from the Organization of American Historians, The American Historian, and The Journal of American History.The blog aims to empower both the general reader and professional historians with a better understanding and comprehension of American history.

American Civil War


Created and maintained by the American Civil War Museum. It aims to provide the reader with knowledge about American Civil War with more than 30 blog categories. The most unique feature for this blog would be the #AskACWM category where they provide a detailed response to questions sent by the reader via twitter.

Do you agree with my top 5 choices for the best American history blogs of 2018 or do you have your own list?

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